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Leadership & Management - Most of the work we do is specifically to the clients needs. The courses listed here are the typical subjects covered:

Bullet PointAppraisal Training
Bullet PointKeeping the Vision Strategy Alive
Bullet PointLeadership Skills or Bespoke Programme
Bullet PointMotivation to Change
Bullet PointPerformance Management
Bullet PointProblem Solving and Decision Making
Bullet PointDelegation

Project Management - We don't just talk it, we live it !

Each of the workshops are designed to enable businesses to a adopt common language and introduce tools and techniques for managing small dynamic projects.

Bullet PointProject Sponsorship Training
Bullet PointSimple Tools & Techniques for a Project Managers
Bullet PointManaging the Project Team and Achieving Results

People Skills and Communication - Develop your ability to get the best from yourself and others. These courses can be tailored to address your needs:

Bullet PointCreativity and Innovation
Bullet PointPresentation Skills
Bullet Pointlnterpersonal Skills
Bullet PointTrain the Trainer
Bullet PointMeeting Management
Bullet PointTime Management
Bullet PointCoaching Skills For Managers

Bespoke Procedural Training - These courses can be tailored to address your needs and these are some of the typical subjects covered:

Bullet PointInduction
Bullet PointSystem Procedures and Guidelines
Bullet PointCustomer Service Policy
Bullet PointTeam Briefings

Leadership Coaching - Independent sounding board for busy individual

Leadership coaching is a one to one interactive process that is designed for rapid results. It is a goal orientated form of individual tailored learning for the busy executive. Common reasons why businesses opt for coaching:

Bullet PointTo introduce new managers to a more senior or different role
Bullet PointTo accelerate individuals defined as high potential
Bullet PointTo underpin the effectiveness of organisational change
Bullet PointTo resolve challenging situations and plan a way forward

Meeting Facilitation - Support to enable meetings to meet their objectives

Our meeting facilitation service offers you the benefits of having an experienced facilitator at your important meetings to ensure the meeting objectives are met. The facilitator will enable the business leader to take a step back into a less directive role and allowing them to be part of the meeting or to observe the team. Common reasons why businesses opt for meeting facilitation:

Bullet PointTo introduce focus, structure and drive out actions
Bullet PointTo question conventional thinking and challenge how things are done
Bullet PointTo ensure all voices are heard
Bullet PointTo observe how teams interact


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