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Tanya Moxon
Fearless Feat Ltd
Leadership Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

44 Burgh Road

Phone: 01228 599654
Mobile: 07543 579065
Email: achieve@fearlessfeat.co.uk

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"Working with Tanya changed my whole attitude to management. The techniques she uses and her ability to inspire, helped me transform my team from a good collection of people into a team of top performers. Her jargon-free approach to training makes management strategies easy to understand and simple to apply, whether you are an experienced manager or new to a managerial role. The
coaching sessions after the training supported me to apply my learning, and as a result I achieved over and above what I first thought possible. Tanya's approach and professionalism is suited to forward thinking companies and individuals who value employee engagement - companies who know that good people management equals success."

Sheenah Alcock Professional Photographer & Picture Editor M.E.N.
(formally NWEM)


"I have had the pleasure and great fortune in working with Tanya over the last few years. She is an experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated Leadership Trainer and Coach who understands the value of individuals and collaborative working. Tanya brought common language with no jargon to the organisation, a must in effective communication. She also introduced useful tools and techniques to enable the team to achieve the results we wanted. Tanya's approach to coaching really supports you to be successful as an individual, team leader and business leader, asking great questions, supporting you to discover and learn what is possible from within yourself. Above all she inspires you to take responsibility for your own goals, choices, plans and actions. I would highly recommend Tanya and would encourage others to invest in their personal development and future."

Lyndsay Aspin, Newspaper Sales and Marketing Director


"I can thoroughly recommend Tanya. She seems to have boundless energy and her commitment is second to none. I have worked with Tanya for several years and found her to be consistently positive with a strong 'can do' attitude. If you ask Tanya to do something - she'll deliver for you. She is a highly skilled trainer and an excellent coach and is committed to her own development and the development of those around her."

Wendy Allardes, HR Director


"I have been supported by Tanya Moxon as Management Trainer and Coach since 2008. She has helped me develop my own management skills, as well as those of my sales managers. Her personal style is very people focused, engaging and energising, no matter what the subject. I found her planning and attention to detail to be meticulous, delivering and often exceeding our expectation. The quality of the training received and the follow through in the workplace is quantified by the end result of confident, professional managers who are achieving their business goals, with their teams engaged and motivated."

Carolyn Harker, Classified Director, CN Group Ltd


"Tanya delivers training specifically targeted at helping managers to deal with real world situations. I found the coaching sessions to be well structured and exceptionally useful."

Brian Pennington, Director of IT


"Having gone through a number of training courses and one-to-one sessions with Tanya, I find myself much more equipped to solve problems and make decisions. The tools Tanya has taught me have become invaluable both at work and in my personal life."

Cherry Balme, Team Leader


"I had the pleasure of working with Tanya for 2 years and within that time she never ceased to amaze me. Her ability to pick up any task and research, plan, design and deliver quality training will be something I have still to find in anybody else. Her passion and enthusiasm to develop people by giving them the tools to succeed is a core value that Tanya has and the people who experience the pleasure of Tanya's training can only be better for it. Tanya accepts and embraces peoples differences in their learning and communication styles and will go way above the norm to incorporate this in her training writing and delivery. Her follow up is exceptional with personalised coaching and mentoring tailored to each and every individual with a level of detail and dedication that is admired by all that have worked with her. From the cleaner on the shop floor to the Prime Minister of Great Britain Tanya could tailor, personalise, drive and inspire the ability to succeed."

Paula Corrigan, Sales Manager at CN Magazines.
Professional Coach and Sales Trainer


"Over the past three years I have not only worked with Tanya Moxon as a colleague but also attended some of her training sessions including Project Management, which I found hugely beneficial as I was able to transfer the skills and tools learned into the real projects that I have undertaken. Tanya has an excellent personalised training style that she takes a great deal of care to ensure is tailored to the training needs of the group and the business objectives. Her knowledge of varying training and learning styles is second to none and her content is always carefully considered and prepared. There is always a good mix of handouts, theory and group exercises, resulting in effective learning and development of those attending. I have also seen at first hand how effective her leadership skills and style are, both operationally and as a coach or mentor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tanya to anyone looking for quality training or coaching. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity"

Joanne Baird, Advertising and Marketing Professional


"Tanya is an excellent coach. I have experienced the benefit of Tanya's coaching on a number of occasions and she is really supportive and encouraging, getting you to focus on what you really want and the how you are going to make it happen. I feel very lucky to have met Tanya and would recommend her to anyone." June 16, 2011

Beverley Corson


"I have had the privilege to have been coached by Tanya and would recommend her without hesitation. She has a warm and supportive style which creates instant rapport and creates a safe place for exploration. At the same time Tanya encourages self challenge and accountability to ensure progress for the client. Tanya brings a fantastic energy into the coaching relationship and has an immediate and lasting impact. I very much look forward to working with her again." June 15, 2011

Natalie Dow


"Tanya is a very competent and compassionate coach. She creates a safe environment for her clients to step into by supporting and coaching "the who" of the client and not "the what" of the situation. She partners with you for success, knowing when to follow you on your journey and when to make suggestions for course corrections, as you navigate your way over your hurdles and through your roadblocks." June 15, 2011

Mark Delvecchio


"I have been very fortunate to participate in Tanya's training and coaching sessions over the past few years. The Performance Coaching and Training from Tanya helps you think through strategies and ultimately empowers you to become more effective in leadership and management. Latterly I have consulted Tanya for some Career Coaching which I found absolutely invaluable enabling me to focus on my objectives and approach. As a direct result of this coaching I received 3 job offers within one week. I would recommend Tanya to any company looking to train or coach staff or to an individual looking to develop their own personal skills and qualities. Tanya is great to work with as her sessions are tailored to each group or individual's learning style making them stimulating and fun. The 'Toolbox' of strategies, styles and concepts furnished by Tanya will equip anyone throughout their career."
June 10, 2011

Sharon Hodgson


"In the short time we have been working with Tanya it has been life changing. She understands our direction and way of working perfectly and never fails to provoke new thoughts and ideas from us. Her motivation and enthusiasm is second to none and we always look forward to talking to her as her energy is contagious. Tanya is completely sympathetic to mine and my partners different ways of operating and always realistic when setting tasks/goals yet challenges us to the best of our individual abilities and we've discovered abilities we didn't know were there! Tanya is a ray of sunshine for our business and personal growth." May 11, 2011

Crafty Monkeys


Call Tanya Moxon on 07543 579065


Call Tanya Moxon on 07543 579065