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Fearless Feat is passionate about designing and delivering learning and development solutions that meet the real needs of your business and its people.

We want you to be the very best you can be, achieving success without the fear of change!


At Fearless Feat we recognise that some of the challenges that are faced in business today are daunting, whoever you are. We are committed to help develop you and your business without the hype and jargon by ensuring all our training courses and coaching experiences;

Bullet Pointare relevant to the day to day issues faced by your business
Bullet Pointare easy to digest and understand, with follow up support
Bullet Pointaim to build participants' confidence as well as their knowledge and skills
Bullet Pointaim to stretch your thinking and build your self awareness

Who are we?

Fearless Feat Ltd was formed by Tanya Moxon who has been inspiring individuals and businesses for over twenty years, working with many walks of life, from company directors to professional photographers and youths. Tanya is a learning and development specialist, skilled at adapting the flow and content of her courses to meet the needs of the participants, whilst creating a stimulating and engaging learning environment. She is fully committed to developing people to both enhance staff morale and enable businesses to achieve greater productivity and profits. Tanya is also an experienced coach, taking pride in offering down to earth, compassionate, yet challenging support for her clients, enabling them to achieve personal growth and sustainable change.

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Fearless Feat can offer you

Bullet PointLeadership and Management Development
Bullet PointProject Management Skills
Bullet PointPeople Skills and Communication
Bullet PointLeadership Coaching
Bullet PointBusiness Meeting Facilitation Service

Why are we different?

The reason people love our training and coaching experiences is that we support them to find the motivation for change as well as offering the development activities to increase their confidence and performance.

Our training is designed and developed in collaboration with you to ensure your needs are met. We offer various styles of delivery such as open courses, in house classroom or work based learning. All of our training has the additional option of tele or face to face coaching to promote continued on-the-job implementation. We believe that your company development should be designed by you, with a little guidance from us to ensure the most cost effective delivery style.

Our leadership coaching supports our clients to be successful as individuals, as team leaders and as business leaders. Our belief is that the client has all they need to move forward towards their vision. Our coaching style is client driven, client centred and client powered. We provide a safe and confidential environment enabling the client to discover, explore and create their vision, options and plans.

Our meeting facilitation service offers you support when holding those sometimes difficult and challenging meetings, when time matters and actions are a must. We will enable all participants to do their best thinking, support the group to function effectively and make high quality decisions.

If you don't see what you are looking for on our site give us a call anyway - we are keen to support you and share our experience. If we can not help you we may know someone who can.


Call Tanya Moxon on 07543 579065


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